Adhering to Outbound Lead Generation; 4 Strategies to Generate Best Leads in 2022

Adhering to Outbound Lead Generation; 4 Strategies to Generate Best Leads in 2022

What works best for this is outbound lead generation or inbound lead generation, is an endless debate whereas I am of the belief that both are equally important for growth of any business. But there still seems to be a fight between both marketers against outbound lead generation, a lot of them still believe that Outbound Lead Generation is outdated and brings no profit and growth to the business. But if that was true, Borek wouldn’t exist. But since we are still running strong in the business, I’d like to share a couple interesting strategies on how to generate best leads this year. 

But before we dig deeper , let’s understand Outbound Lead generation and why Borek still holds onto the “Old School Strategy.”

A Brief Overview on Outbound Lead Generation

The idea is to let the leads flow, and a company will always be in search of leads in abundance to match with the ICP and someone who’d be interested in the services that they offer. The next step is when the Sales representative will reach out to them either by email, cold calling, social media and then fix a time to meet, that’s Outbound Lead Generation.

The primary agenda to implement Outbound Lead Generation is to actively reach a wider group of people in order to generate more sales and opportunities. This allows you to have control on the leads you target. 

Here are 4 Outbound Lead Generation Strategies to implement in 2022

Optimize the Flow – Automate It 

The number of times people searched for the term automate marketing has witnessed an upsurge in the last couple of years which is absolutely not surprising for me. The CRM tool used for automated marketing has become a crucial part of the outbound lead gen process. 

The goal of CRM is to store and track the interactions within the B2B companies and their respective leads. The advantage of using CRM is that it assists you to monitor every interaction with your lead, making it easy for the sales representatives to have enough time to interact. Now this is essential because as of now we have a higher possibility of converting leads into business every 5 minutes. 

Create Stronger Bonds – Personalize It

This strategy never fails, I can vouch for it for sure. This has given brilliant results back in time and will continue to give greater results in future too. Wait, I am not over dramatizing, I can explain, here’s how it works in the businesses favor;

The more information you’ve gathered about the leads the more you are closer to establishing a trustworthy relationship with them. Based on surveys and analysis, 72% of consumers engage with personalized content only. It not only enhances the customer experience, but also highlights the service value for the particular lead and in return increases sales. 

Reach a Wider Set of Audience – Use Multiple Channels to Outreach

You can definitely use varied sources to reach out to your potential leads, everything is fair is Love, War and Outbound Lead Generation, I mean why not? This not only will increase customer retention rates but spreads company awareness. 

Outbound Lead Generation comprises cold calling, cold emailing and increasing social media connections, taking the lead to the landing page and approaching them via pre-targeted ads etc. approximately, 82% buyers accept meetings with salespeople after series of contacts, for sure cold calling is not dying anytime soon. But still, no matter what medium you use to reach out, for sure it’s gonna be useful. 

Hold on to Modern Buyers – Opt for Mobile Devices

The digital generation is taking over sales with almost 80% of B2B buyers using mobile devices and if the surveys are to be believed, the number is about to be multiplied. Optimization with mobile has a higher chance to reduce purchase time and increase customer loyalty, traffic and lead flow. 

As much mobile optimization improves outbound lead generation it also turns out that it is equally beneficial for inbound lead gen. You must ensure that your website should load faster and be visually appealing on mobile devices as well. 

Limiting the data entry, quicker loading pages and app integrations are few elements to keep in mind to improve user interface. 

Using improvised methods to reach your target customer must be your primary focus when you ideate to catch hold of the best leads. Agreed the method has a longer process and one requires a lot of patience to find the right one, but this method isn’t outdated, it still gives best results and there’s no denying it. If Outbound Lead never worked, Borek wouldn’t exist, which sums up my take in favor of Adhering to Outbound Lead Generation.   

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