Lead Generation: Setting The Sales Bar High

Lead Generation: Setting The Sales Bar High

You might as well have gone through enough write-ups that give you a gist of what Lead Generation is. But before I dig deeper into the technicalities, we can begin with understanding Lead Generation in brief. In layman’s language, Lead Generation is a marketing activity responsible for acquiring information and making use of the connections to build a list of potential clients. 

Today, the critical channels for lead gen are divided into two categories: online and offline. A few examples of online lead generation channels include a blog, website, ads, and SEO. Primarily the most commonly used offline channels comprise direct mails, trade shows, and cold calling. 

The modern-day advancements in technology have made it possible to generate leads based on specific criteria and information. Enterprises derive information about potential buyers and then tailor the marketing methods and sales pitch to prospective needs. 

Mostly this is done through digital channels with the use of inbound marketing techniques along with a couple of outbound marketing methods. Successful lead generation can make the sales cycle more efficient and have a greater success rate for new customer acquisition. 

Lead Generation is the Key to a Successful Business

In recent research, it’s understood that the Quality of Leads is considered one of the most important metrics for a successful business. The prospective buying journey has changed dramatically with advancements in technology and the internet being easily accessible at a low cost.

Previously, it was common for sales representatives to reach out to uninformed potential customers to introduce them to the offered products and services. 

Now that everything is easily accessible online, customers know or learn about things with just a few taps of their fingers on their mobile phones via search engines, social media blogs, and other online channels. 

Teamwork Plays a Crucial Role

The subsequent changes in buying and selling products have affected the roles and responsibilities of lead management. Rather than individually working on a list of leads from one team to another, it is better to have a collaborative strategy and streamlined working and only nurture ideal leads throughout the sales cycle. 

To some extent, even the marketing team can also consider demographic information to qualify and score leads to ensure that the team is ready to forward it to the sales team to convert these leads into customers. 

Lead Scoring is a Real Deal!

Lead Scoring is a method of ranking leads as per their value, making it easier for the sales and marketing team to prioritize it with the most potential customers instead of giving undivided attention to everyone listed on the sheet.

Now there are two ways of bifurcating or prioritizing and evaluating a potential customer by categorizing it in explicit and implicit lead scoring. 

Explicit Lead Scoring considers how closely the lead is associated with the kind of business you offer and to what extent it matches the buyer’s persona for an ideal customer. This primarily comprises demographic information such as job role, industry type, and location. 

Whereas Implicit lead scoring is keeping track of how often potential leads are interacting with your business. This is measured through indicators such as visits to the company websites and actions carried out there and responding to email marketing.  

The Significance of Outbound Lead Generation, And Why we Adhere to it

Outbound lead generation is a way to engage with potential customers who might not be aware about your product. It works in a manner when our Lead Gen representatives send out communications to potential leads. The goal is to generate interest in a product or service and build a sales pipeline. The communication methods used for outbound lead generation include cold calling, direct email, social selling and direct mail.

Sales intelligence solutions like the service provided at Borek makes it feasible for the organisations to avail access to all the data you need – leaving your outbound strategies open for bigger avenues and better opportunities.

Data can assist you to identify new business opportunities, establish your total addressable market and take full advantage of buyer intent.  

When you take a data-driven approach to outbound lead generation, you’re better able to consistently meet and beat your performance targets – using data in an intelligent way, to identify best-fit clients and the best times to contact them.

What makes it a Qualified Lead? It’s not just a List of Names.

A qualified marketing lead is more likely to become a customer than any other lead. There is a possibility that they might look interested and respond well to a nurturing lead, but they may be yet not ready to buy. A lead that can get qualified through sales is almost prepared to make the purchase, but it can have more specific questions and needs to be addressed by the sales team.

Until they seal the deal, the sales team continues to nurture the relationship with the lead initiated by the marketing team. Lead Generation is crucial, and it’s one of the core elements in the sales process that has brought a drastic change in the recent past along with shifts in the sales and marketing landscape. 

Leads are primarily generated today by drawing down a potential customer using a variety of methods that offer them useful information, builds and nurtures business relationships. To be precise, generated leads are no longer an indiscriminate list of names marketing hands to sales. 

What we Offer at Borek  

  • At Borek, the Lead Generation team possesses expertise in finding the right contacts from the right companies. 
  • This leads to higher conversion rates, which by far are the best in the industry. 
  • Inbound leads have expenses linked to them, while outbound needs talent and expertise. 
  • Equipped with relevant systems and tools, our teams can set up record benchmarks above market levels.  
  • Each team member has vast experience, making it easier to grab the processes and improvise the outcomes. 
  • Team members go through a thoughtfully (tried and tested) prepared training period before going live on the project. 
  • Weekly huddles help the team to share their weaknesses and solutions to overcome the hurdles. 
  • Thought sharing and tips and tricks sessions help teams share their success mantras with fellow team members, leading to a win-win situation. 

Why Should You Choose Borek for Lead Generation Services?  

Borek has been in this business for nearly 7 years now. Being familiar with the business idea and market strategies makes it seamless utilizing our research skills that are highly efficient and accurate. Composing both Company and Contact, we assure to make selections based on the most accurate company and contact and further connect with the best in the business. You know how important it is! We ideate to be consistent and professional when it comes to approaching contacts. Also, we try to make our emails personalized.

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