Using virus image annotation

Using virus image annotation

As fresh information about SARS-CoV-2 is surfacing from everywhere without filtration, more and more people are growing numb to the consistent stream of new insights, regulations and changes in their lives. To make navigation in the perfect storm easier, we are summing up the innovative ways in which AI and Machine Learning are leveraged to battle the virus.

Will AI play a vital part against COVID-19?
Is Machine Learning in its current state reliable enough for this task?
Can we save lives using Virus Image Annotation technology?

All of the above questions can be answered with “Yes”. Artificial Intelligence acts as an extension of human intelligence, and its capabilities are ever-growing. In the course of the pandemic it has already made public and commercial spaces safer by bringing face detection, heat-sensing and object tracking to our arsenal of weapons against the spread of the virus.

Based on past successes in virus treatment we have recently witnessed several attempts to build AI tools that can assist COVID-19 treatment across the globe.

Annotation of data basically describes the identification and labeling of every object in an image. This procedure enables algorithms to perceive explicit information from an image, which usually holds implicit information solely. Image with annotation in the medical field has changed the way doctors practice by freeing up time that can now be used for research. It conveys knowledge of internal issues, assistance in decision-making and future precautions. Because of that, AI is undoubtedly becoming a prominent tool in the health care world in diagnostics, treatment, and prevention. With continuous scientific progression and constant productive use, it will continue to support the early detection of new symptoms, treatment and preventative care.

“Diagnosis is not the end but the beginning of practice.”
– Martin Fischer

As new cases continue to pop up across the world, medical workers are always among the infected as they are working on the front lines of the pandemic. This exacerbates the scarcity in medical staff that is present across the world. We are facing a dire situation in which new efficiencies in existing processes have to be created. Regarding AI use, outsourcing image processing services can obliterate the burden of scrutinizing vaccine tasks.

Experts at Borek Solutions are dedicating their experience with zeal, segmenting and annotating images to lay the vital foundation of machine learning processes. These will then be used in Virus Image Processing, where every strand of virus is annotated and labeled to reflect its history and contemporaneous effects.

Sometimes, those strands are split again into ‘Positive’ and ‘Negative’, thus eradicating upcoming damages by picking up relevant data and prompting methods further. Interpretation of the data through image processing services equips medical workers with a larger time frame to classify objects and react to them. Interchanging information by computer vision technology is proven to be more secure, authentic, and rapid for the entire health-care field. Image-guided surgeries are taking place, bringing out positive results and follow-ups.

“For many years, both physicians and patients have had a ´more is better´ attitude. It is time to adopt a ´think twice´ attitude to avoid unnecessary and potentially harmful tests, procedures and treatment.”
– Dr. Wendy Levinson

Image-guided surgeries are taking place, bringing out positive results and follow-ups. Hence it is favorable for companies that are engaged in Vaccine research.

Image Annotation has become an unavoidable technology to diagnose and monitor patient´s diseases. As a crucial step in the Machine Learning Process, it requires skilled & trained professionals with enormous capabilities in complex research areas. Even though the required effort is extremely high, once a reliable model is completed, it assures uncompromised, accurate results.

Medical Image Annotation as the foundation of Machine Learning acts as an angle point between artificial and human intelligence by labeling identifying and sharing a condition with an examiner. This practice has been established to an extent that millions of blood samples are tested on various life-threatening diseases apart from COVID-19, like malaria, pneumonia, typhoid, HIV, cancer, etc. It is therefore safe to say that medical image annotation tools are life-saving by providing us with faster knowledge about the condition of our health than a human diagnosis would be able to. But still, a machine can only go as fast as the human behind it.

“Common practice in medical image segmentation is transforming the input image and applying some operators for making the image more convenient for segmentation. Moreover, grouping algorithms have been developed for gray level clustering for image segmentation

Organizations like laboratories, research firms and universities will have to increase their research and development efforts to draw from the full potential of these technologies.

Borek Solutions delivers services regarding image content, image mining, segmentation and general assistance in that field. Instant and smart labelling is the future of annotation.

Image Annotation is playing a vital role in the research on SARS-CoV-2 because the labelling of every organ and its condition in chest-X-rays, lung ultrasound images and other essential tests is made more efficient. It will enable medical researchers to understand the sterility trend and generate new AI algorithms. Entire communities of scientists, doctors and paramedics are trying to take advantage of resources, databases, experiments and infinite research to cure the pandemic.

“Do as much as possible for the patient, and as little as possible to the patient.”
– Dr. Bernard Lown

Borek Solutions´ contribution toward Annotation Work Teams
Borek Solutions is adept in providing notable services of image annotation and image segmentation as fully-managed, cost-effective services. By taking advantage of our experienced pool of reliable resources we can complete all phases before its stipulated dates, thereby saving our clients’ production time by up to one year over the course of a collaboration. Our specialists are able to build you a dedicated team that can establish a perfect accuracy level, finishing compliance with guidelines given by the client, and plan for team scalability periodically. Transparency in work is our prime agenda for all clients. These standards of image annotation for machine learning is crucial in order to step up prediction models.

Images at Borek Solution are well-annotated by a team of highly experienced staff so that machines can easily and accurately recognize the objects. Our work speaks for itself, so all other advantages are the byproduct of final results. It is impossible to decode the meaning of every image derived from heterogeneous data sets, that’s when Borek Solutions comes into play for simplified conception.

“Do as much as possible for the patient, and as little as possible to the patient.”
– Dr. Bernard Lown

Considering all visible and vague benefits, it would not be wrong to assume that the rapid growth in technology is molding the present as well as the future. We are finding great pleasure in overcoming numerous obstacles to connect nuance solutions. One way we can accomplish this is by helping researchers and practitioners discover how they can identify diseases quicker. Distinguishing the biological background of each patient is a paramount focus in virus annotation services. By the time masses are educated enough for self-care, a permanent solution will hopefully be accomplished.

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