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Human Being to Digital Being & the Emergence of Digital Marketing

Trampling and turfing with the hoofs in search of food to quench their appetite, Homosapiens would have never envisioned that […]

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Outsourcing – A boon in the pandemic era

The pandemic has bamboozled and crumbled the multiplex present and future endeavors of a multitude of ventures.  According to the […]

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Adhering to Outbound Lead Generation; 4 Strategies to Generate Best Leads in 2022

What works best for this is outbound lead generation or inbound lead generation, is an endless debate whereas I am of the belief that both are equally important for growth of any business.

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Lead Generation: Setting The Sales Bar High

Lead Generation is a marketing activity responsible for acquiring information and making use of the connections to build a list of potential clients. 

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Reaching sales targets with travel restrictions in a post-pandemic era

Instead of treating this hit as a hurdle, treat it as an opportunity. You never know which untouched territory opens up for your business to match last year’s graph.

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Data annotation
Hitting the balance between quality and cost in data labelling

How do we achieve High Quality at Minimal cost? That is a question every project manager is accustomed to. Especially companies or […]

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Using virus image annotation

As fresh information about SARS-CoV-2 is surfacing from everywhere without filtration, more and more people are growing numb to the [...]

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